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Enjoy the benefits of service provider panel. We provide the service provider panel that make it easy for you to get new works.

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Create your company profile to become a part of our community of reputable service professionals

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Receive new Reservations from customers actively looking for your services

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Become a recommended business by adding customer reviews to your company profile.

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Manage your company profile, reviews and new reservations/bookings through your online account.

How Registration Process Works?

If you run a professional transportation company as carriages (or taxis) or private hire vehicles then you can join us as a service provider.You can check below steps how you can do it in 3 simple steps.

Vendor Registartion Form

Fill the registration form and submit it. We accept everyday 10 of new profiles

We will get your details and after we review your profile will be published.

Done, You can access or log in to your vendor panel and use all features and services.

Your advantages as an partner

Type of services We are providing
  • Free registration - Registration as an partner is simple and free of charge.
  • Increase your turnover with a new service
  • No empty rides
  • supports you in your growth and helps you to work route-optimised.
  • Free and easy access to orders in your area, whenever and wherever you want. You decide which one you want to accept.
  • No obligation to accept a reservation. They are only binding if you accept a reservation that meets your requirements.
  • Reduced advertising spending through a strong network.

The performances of an partner

The following is a matter of course for you...
  • Customer-friendly service is your top priority.
  • Entrepreneurs as contractual partners for whom terms such as service and reliability are not phrases.
  • Punctuality
  • You are already self-employed as an entrepreneur
  • Performance-oriented and quality-conscious
  • You can offer competitive prices.
Then you are the right partner for us.

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